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School provides transport facility to all children. It is payable separately and is entirely optional. The facility can be availed any time and can be left at any time during session. Transport facility once availed, is chargeable for whole session. The charges are based on block of distance from School to be notified separately. For temporary use of personal vehicles (self pick up) to bring the child to school or take away after school hours of the child availing school transport facility, a separate request is to be made by parent for every occasion addressed to transport in charge well in advance.

Children availing extra classes and remedial classes after school hours or availing sports facility after regular school hours are to be picked by the parent at their own arrangement. Where school arranges extra hours for all children, School will arrange transport. Such extra arrangements shall be notified to the parents at least one day in advance through concerned child only.


Safety and security of children is our prime concern. Security is taken care into every aspect right since the design and construction stage. 'Safe by design' is our commitment. The building is earthquake safe and fire safe. Exposed columns (balustrades) of building have been rounded to keep children safe from accidental fall. Similarly on first floor and second floor 4 feet high strong rounded stainless steel grill has been fixed to prevent accidental fall. All switches and electrical fitting fixing is shock proof. All doors and windows have been designed in such a way that minimises the possibility of accident.

There is boundary wall around whole campus with entry exit regulations as per CBSE norms to protect children. We shall also organise lectures and interaction programmes to sensitize children and staff about disasters and various kinds of emergency responses within campus and in buses.

Washrooms are segregated for boys and girls and are also separate for different age group of children. Staff including class IV staff will use separate washrooms. All class room furniture has been specially designed keeping child safety in mind. The edges of chair, desks and shelves have been rounded to prevent injury to children.

Our modern buses have safe seats and are equipped with CCTV, GPS monitored and fitted with Speed governess. Entry into buses is regulated with RF enabled I-D cards. As the child reaches School, an SMS will reach the parent on his / her mobile phone. Similarly as the child boards bus back to home, an SMS will inform the parents.

Since RF readers are fitted at various entry / exit of building and at school campus, child's attendance and presence in the School will be monitorable over computer system. All classes, corridors, entry gate and campus are fitted with 70 + CCTV cameras. It adds hugely to the safety and security of children inside School. 'Ayah' have been appointed for younger children to help them in washrooms and at sports ground

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