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Guidance to Parents

Parents are advised to deposit fees and school charges on time preferably by cheque or through NEFT or card. Always take receipt of any payment instantly. Only cashier at Cash counter is authorised to take cash.

Please attend PTM regularly and attend your child after school for at least one hour a day and get to know what all child learnt during the day in school. Help the child in completing the assignments but do not engage tutors.

Keep watch over children, their friends and strangers in contact with child. Pay attention to what kind of games child is playing on computer and mobile phone. Watch over the social media activities ( Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.) of child and guide the child suitably in the interest of child's safety and health.

Ensure that your child takes a bath before coming to school.


The child should always be in proper school uniform with ID card. Bus escort may not permit child without proper uniform and ID card to board the bus. School guards may disallow entry at the gates. All uniform items should be clean and neatly ironed out. Colour and design should not be faded and cloth should not be torn out.At all times inner wears must not be visible. Neck tie should be put on properly while in school except during sports or when specially permitted. Unless absolutely required for religious and faith reasons (for example in case of Sikh faith following pupils), wearing religious symbols visible outside uniform clothes are not permitted unless specially permitted by School authorities

Extreme hairstyling, very short hairs and spikes or very long hairs (for boys only) are not permitted. Boys should have short hair with no spikes. Girls should oil and tie their hair neatly and avoid fancy clips. Girls if with long hairs should braid up their tresses. Make up, nail paint, nail polish are not permitted. Menhadi should be avoided unless absolutely necessary for religious or customary reason on any particular festival or social occasion in the family.

Fancy watches are not allowed in school. Fancy and expensive jewellery are not allowed in school. For reasons of child safety, privacy and due attention to studies, mobile phones, iPods or any such digital items are strictly not allowed and will be confiscated if found.

Parents are advised not to give cash to children as it will not be required. School will provide necessary items as ' issue' items and if chargeable will bill to the parents separately.

Regular exercise is recommended for good physical health and to prevent obesity among children.

Personal hygiene needs to be followed which includes clipping of nails, washing of hair and maintaining a neat and tidy appearance. Children below age of 4 years should be sent with one extra panty / bloomers in their bag.

Eight hours of daily sleep keeps child fresh and healthy

A well-balanced diet that is nutritionally rich and includes milk and other proteins should be followed. Children should bring Tiffin from home. If child is active in sports, he should be given two Tiffins so that child does not eat outside. Encourage your child to eat healthy by sending nutritious food only. Discourage your child to consume food stuff sold by road side vendors.

Please ensure that your child always drinks filtered / safe drinking water. It is advisable for your child to bring water from home or take RO water provided by school.

All recommended vaccines should be given to your child. Encourage your child to participate in school sponsored health check up camps. Do take your child for annual health, dental and ophthalmic check up.

If your child is unwell or suffering from any allergy or contagious disease, then you are requested not to send him/her to school and inform class teacher and transport in-charge over telephone. Please observe the prescribed period of quarantine in case of diseases like Chicken Pox, Mumps, Measles, etc.

In case of chronic diseases like epilepsy, asthma or heart diseases, please inform the Principal in writing. It will help school to plan your child's studies accordingly. School may sent teachers and counsellors to home in certain case so that even sick child does not lag behind his / her classmates in class work

Any kind of disfigurement or damage to school property by child or parents or guardians under any condition will not be tolerated. Any damage shall chargeable to parents and shall be realized from caution money. Parent shall be under obligation to pay damages to school and to any other child or his /her parent if your child causes any harm to that other child.

Sometimes children while playing with each other or under fit of anger causes intentionally or unintentionally harm to themselves to other child. Sometimes injury may take place while playing outdoor games. Although School keeps eye on the behaviour of children, CCTVs are also installed in the campus and regularly advises and guides them but inevitable incidents do take place sometimes. In all such situations school is not responsible and parents are responsible to indemnify the child and parents of that child.

Please report any kind of bullying among the children or malpractices to the school authority. If any teacher despite clear instructions and training & sensitization indulges into conduct unbecoming of a teacher of this school, the same should immediately be brought to the notice of the principal. Child should be trained at home also about 'good touch and bad touch' , improper conduct of neighbours, friends etc.