Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi Affiliation No. 1031070

About Us

The manglam School

School is the foundation of knowledge and learning. Great nations are built in its schools. Education is cornerstone of democracy and equality and provides a level playing field to next generation. Hence The Manglam School is dedicating itself to create great achievers - future leaders, educationists, professionals, protectors and builders of the Nation. We focus on support and guidance to every child as individual irrespective of his / her social status.

The design of School building draws inspiration from the design of most modern Vth generation Stealth fighter plane that is expected to fly at above Mach 2.0 speed and remain invisible to enemy radars. It also resembles Hindi alphabet 'p' that is initial for ' प'.

The campus, spread over 8+ acres, is designed to provide green, healthy, pleasant and safe environment essential for learning. It aims at keeping balance between academic and co- scholastic activities and seamless blend of formal education, sports, performing arts, activities, social and environmental concerns essential for holistic development of every child.

The school provides each pupil with opportunities for developing his or her individuality through activities, which will promote an integrated outlook. In addition to this, each pupil is encouraged to develop habits, knowledge and interests, necessary for achieving the noble ends of life. With this aim, the school constantly strives for spiritual development, by providing an appropriate religious and a cultural environment. It also aims at bringing out the talents and capabilities resulting in well-balanced, smart and confident individuals.