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Dear Parents,

Welcome to The Manglam School, It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our school website.


The challenging and unprecedented situations arising in the present times have culminated in a sea change in the social fabric of human society which has impacted the education arena hugely.

It, thus, becomes imperative that we create a school system which empowers young learners, thereby making them equipped not only to face the new age challenges bravely but also to be productive citizens endowed with sensitivity, practical wisdom, emotional intelligence and the much-needed effective communication skills.

We envisage to create such a delightful, supportive, and all- encompassing educational system wherein all the activities (Curricular, Co – curricular and extra-curricular) are planned in a way that caters to physical, social, moral, and Intellectual development and of the child. The students feel loved and motivated towards developing a positive self concept to understand, contemplate, participate, and perform.

The Manglam School, situated in the lap of nature, offers a perfect ambience for exploring new vistas of knowledge – towards the holistic development of the student – where their potential is realized to the fullest. Reinforcing positive learning habits, inculcating respect, and care for Mother Earth, striking a balance between technology and moral & ethical values, ingraining twenty first century skills and fuelling and satisfying the innate sense of wonder and curiosity are intertwined with our pedagogical practices. Hence discovery becomes a joyful pursuit and learning translates into a delightful journey.

We confidently believe that with concentrated efforts of all the stake holders, we will be able to realize our noble aim of producing sensitive human beings with qualities of the head and the heart, ready to steer the nation on the path of progress.