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Pre-Primary {Class Nur. to KG-II}

“Children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit.”

We Follow: Activity and Skill Based Teaching.
Teaching Pedagogy : 21st Century Teaching-Learning

The Manglam School is one of best school in town to provide Montessori based education to the toddlers. For us, every child is important and our pledge is to give a strong foundation to all our learners. To accomplish the same, we have implemented the TMS Curriculum(The Smart Curriculum) in our Montessori Zone. TMS, with its mission of empowered teaching and easy learning has been designed to facilitate learning in schools and solve practical problems faced by teachers and students. It aims to improve the learning outcomes in the classrooms. Its unique and integrated offering of teacher training, student books, digital material, teaching resources and integrated assessment brings out the best in the learner.

The TMS programme is transacted through I DO, WE DO, YOU DO methodology. In I DO, the teacher demonstrates or explains a concept. In WE DO, the teacher assists the students in understanding the concept and doing exercises. In YOU DO, the teacher gives opportunity to the students to attempt independently.

Children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression.

Thus, along with the curriculum we are also dedicated in shaping a child’s future. Our key focuses in the pre-primary zone are:

Also all our mentors are actively involved in giving their best in moulding the child’s ability and knowledge through various activities and celebrations.